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Secured Globe, Inc,


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Our new book 
Learning C++

by Michael Haephrati and Ruth Haephrati
Use code: BLEARNC++

Secured Globe, Inc.

"Our drive, motivation and
vision are to create a secure cyber environment  for businesses and governments worldwide. We've been doing so for over 17 years and we do it best... "

(Michael Haephrati, Founder, Secured Globe Inc.)


Turnkey solutions

Cyber Security

Cyber security

One-stop-shop for all your high end cyber security needs.

Cyber Intelligence

Cyber intelligence

Unique solutions for obtaining valuable intelligence using cyber tools.

Cyber forensics

Cyber forensics

Unique investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence suitable for court of law.

Threat analysis

Threat analysis

Assessments for all levels of risk associated with various threats using a unique threat modeling methodology.

Vulnerabilities research

Vulnerabilities research

Effective cyber threat intelligence and research for the latest attack vectors.

Turnkey solutions

Various solutions and tailor-made technologies for corporate or government use.



Cyber security solutions to fit all your business needs

Cyber Security by Secured Globe

We believe your business should always be one step ahead of threats. Our state of the art solutions, services and technologies are specially designed to empower your every business need, whilst keeping your digital assets safe and secured. Using our unique "Inside and Out" and Smart Shield methodologies, we assess the weak spots and provide your business the tools and knowledge, in order to keep the workflow and vitality.  

“The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.” 

― Jane Addams

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We combined all of our expertise in cyber forensics and cyber intelligence, creating high end technologies so your business can keep its digital assets secured. We use advanced technologies in order to assess threats, or restore your data if the worst occurs. 

Secured Globe, Inc
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Dedicated solutions for governments

With our revolutionary UI and UX concepts, Secured Globe became a game changer in the field of cyber intelligence, cyber forensics and information security. For the last 18 years we are leading the way fighting cyber-crime, terrorism and many other threats. Our unique high-end and pro solutions, are designed so that "non-professionals" can operate like the pros. Bringing our 15 years of experience in B2G solutions, Secured Globe's technologies, cyber intelligence, monitoring and digital evidence methods are used and implemented within governments worldwide.

Contact us for more information.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

Looking Glass
Video Surveillance by Secured Globe
Looking Glass
Looking Glass - by Secured Globe, Inc,

Leveraging AI, Cloud and Big Data technologies, Looking Glass is a cutting-edge solution for Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Government Intelligence and Homeland Security, as well as Smart Cities.


Looking Glass enables instant search across the big data of CCTV video and real-time crime detection, using the most advanced machine learning algorithms.


It is a collaboration environment for unlimited users from different organizations, analyzing unlimited amounts of data with detection performance technology, combined with advanced monitoring of remote objects and distributed infrastructure - all with minimum load on communication channels.

Looking Glass - by Secured Globe, Inc,
Lawful interception system
Looking Glass
Wizdome by Secured Globe, Inc,.

Let your software go

Wizdome copy protection
We believe simple is powerful, so we created Wizdome - a unique software copy-protection and licensing system based on the principle of hassle-free security. Wizdome is tiny, inspired by "plug n' play" systems, yet is provides full copy protection for all your software needs.
Wizdome allows you a new kind of marketing freedom without compromising the safety and protection of your product. Now, for the first time, you can really “Let Your Software Go™.” No hassle, no pain, just a powerful shield to your propriety.
Well, you can create as many types of demos and trials as you wish, and all without having to rebuild your application. Just let as many people as possible copy it. Don't worry! We’ve separated the license and the software.
Wizdome comes with a range of features that make it easy to use and customize for different use cases and behaviors on different PCs.

Wizdome copy protection
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We gathered some of the most brilliant minds out there...

meet the rest of our team....

We are hiring

We are hiring!

Secured Globe is expanding and we want you to take part of our success. 

Full stack web developer

Computer Vision expert

Low level programmer

C++ experts

Kernel Drivers developer

Communication protocol expert


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