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The ultimate licensing and copy protection system for your software needs.


Wizdome™ Copy Protection and Licensing provides robust and secure protection for your software. It comes with a range of features, making it easy to use for different use cases and behaviors on different PCs.

Wizdome by Secured Globe, Inc.
Our innovative system allows you to define any type of restrictions for any purpose, giving you the power to protect your proprietary software without compromising on marketing freedom.. 
Wizdome allows you a new kind of marketing freedom without compromising the safety and protection of your product. Now, for the first time, you can really “Let Your Software Go™.” No hassle, no pain, just a powerful shield to your propriety.
Well, you can create as many types of demos and trials as you wish, and all without having to rebuild your application. Just let as many people as possible copy it. Don't worry! We’ve separated the license and the software.


Some key features of Wizdome™ include:

Single version for all - Eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple versions of the same software

Prevents date/time hacks - Ensures that your software cannot be tampered by date and time manipulation, so your software can be trusted to run only within the time frame set.

Silent auto-update - With silent auto-update, users can continue to work without interruption and can be confident that the software is up to date with the latest features.

Prevents trial license reset hacks - Ensures that your software's trial period cannot be bypassed or extended by using methods to circumvent it.

Offline activation - With offline activation, users can still fully activate and use the software, even when they are not connected to the internet. Military-grade encryption - The best and most secure protection layer, ensuring the software meets the highest security standards and compliance requirements, also making it suitable for use in critical industries.

Micro-management capabilities - Allowing you to restrict and protect specific features and functions.

Supports push notifications - allowing alerts to be sent via WhatsApp or text to the server admin.

Zero hassle integration - Wizdome™ can be integrated with your code using just one line of code.

State of the art data protection at your hands


Wizdome™ provides state-of-the-art data protection, powered by the PowerVest™ Server, which is a robust backend with multiple-layer end-to-end encryption, designed for multiple clients, along with a proprietary client-server communication protocol.

Integration with 2 lines of code

When you run a protected application for the very first time, a Trial License will be issued, but if you uninstall it and re-install it, or even reinstall the entire OS, Wizdome won’t issue a new Trial, knowing that this specific software already had one Trial

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