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Wizdome licensing and copy protection system allows defining any type of Restrictions for any purpose. 

Let's have a look how it works:

We believe simple is powerful, so we created Wizdome - a unique software copy-protection and licensing system based on the principle of hassle-free security. Wizdome is tiny, inspired by "plug n' play" systems, yet is provides full copy protection for all your software needs.
Wizdome allows you a new kind of marketing freedom without compromising the safety and protection of your product. Now, for the first time, you can really “Let Your Software Go™.” No hassle, no pain, just a powerful shield to your propriety.
Well, you can create as many types of demos and trials as you wish, and all without having to rebuild your application. Just let as many people as possible copy it. Don't worry! We’ve separated the license and the software.

Let's take for example a customer who manufacturers software and hardware based equipment for processing diamonds. The client wants to license the software to be restricted to a certain amount of free usage, while any further usage will be priced. The criteria of “usage” in their case is the total weight of diamonds processed - that’s a perfect example of our Restriction mechanism.

Wizdome contains a propriety class for generic restrictions of any kind. This class makes it possible to define any possible restriction such as: – How many MB of data are allowed to be used / saved / restored/ etc. – How many files are allowed to be processed – How many Kg of weight can be used (ideal for diamond cutting software)”.

How is that done?

Even though our system is generic and allows anything you can think of to be restricted, we have created a predefined list of restrictions, for example:

– StorageSize will be useful for restricting backup, data recovery and other software products that deals with amount of data. For example: you can restrict the amount of data (in MB) used by defining that any amount of data above 100 MB will require payment of X USD per MB.

– Distance will be useful for restricting GPS, Running APPs and other software products that deals with distance. For example: you can restrict the distance (in Km) allowed to be used by a running App, requiring the user to pay for the full version after using 10 Km.

– Weight will be useful for software products that deal with materials and their weight. For example: you can allow your Trial version to support weighting diamonds for a total of 100 Grams, and require payment for anything heavier.

– Size will be useful for software product that deal with paper (scanners), printing and so on. A typical example would be supporting scanning a small portion but requiring payment for larger sizes.

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