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Threats Finder

Protection at a lightning speed

Threats finder is a robust Windows based Anti-Virus which can protect you from any threats before any harm is done. Our real time protection works on the lowest level at a lightning speed, x50 times faster than any anti-virus in the market, making sure you are always ahead of threats. Threats Finder is simple to use and requires no installation.


We think it's brilliant. Why not try it for free?  

Working in Front of Multiple Screens

Pro-Protection developed by Pros

Developed by our top cyber security and information security experts, Threats Finder is designed for the simplest to use: No setup is needed. You can turn the Real Time Protection on and off, perform scans of different types or close the window and let Threats Finder protect you in the background.


For a limited time, get Threats Finder Anti Virus for free. Just hit the Download button bellow (Software requires: Windows 10 and above).



Threats Finder main features

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