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We gathered some of the best professionals out there in order to create brilliant and innovative technologies. Because great minds think unlike...
Our Investors

We were lucky to have been invested in since 2009. Our accredited investors are private "angles" and "sharks", few of them have invested in IT companies for several decades. Without our investors, which aren't just partners and shareholders, but also friends and part of the Secured Globe family, we wouldn't have come so far.

Michael Haephrati 
Founder and CEO

Michael Haephrati is an extraordinary inventor and entrepreneur specializes in software development, cyber security and offensive  and defensive technologies. Michael founded HarmonySoft in 1989, inventing the AmigaHASP (sold to Aladdin on 1991) and designed Rashumon, the first ground breaking Graphical and Multi-lingual word processor for Amiga computer. He founded Target Eye in 2000 where he invented the first lawful monitoring system for the use of governments. He developed DataTune – a data cleansing system as part of the TargetData venture in 2002. Michael masters in cyber security and is the mind behind all of Secured Globe's technology and products.

Michal has join Secured Globe back in 2013 and has worked on several classified parts in upcoming products we are recently working on, especially parts that involve low level programming in c++.

Ittay Mizrahi
Full stack web developer
Tali Sinay

Ittay is a former employee at Secured Globe back, joining in 2009. Ittay is a real pro, and worked on all aspects of our web and servers needs. Ittay has over 12 years in program engineering, application programming in WEB environment such as,, C# - develop “Object Oriented” (OOP) WEB application in a .net environment. He is an expert in the development of Web Services with a wide emphasis on SOA and WSE technologies, including Visual C++ - development of complex data structures. 


Tali is a talented designer who helped us configure some of the most complex designs yet. Her designs are innovative and brought a new voice to the world of cyber and cyber security. Some of her work include a total design for a desktop interface and a web interface.  

Namrata Gandhi‎‏ 

Namrata has developed several internal tools using Microsoft MFC and was the person to receive the graphic design from our designers and convert them into real working software

Lior Lev-Ran
Product manager

Lior joined Secured Globe back in 2009 and served as our Product Manager, Lior was in charge of the SRS for the Wizdome copy protection system. Lior tested the Hidden Files ("Tick") Driver and created this short video which demonstrates it.

Claudio Cordara
Application and low level specialist

Claudio joined Secured Globe back in 2013. He is an exeptional low level software developer with unique abilities to perform challenging reverse engineering tasks. He worked on some of our most classified parts of our technologies.

Alex Doumanoglou
Cryptography Expert​

Alex joined Secured Globe back in 2014 as a the architect behind our unique propriety multi-layer peer to peer encryption. He is a talented cryptographer and researcher. 

Ruth Haephrati
Founder and CEO

Ruth Haephrati is an ethical hacker and an expert in cyber security, cyber forensics, social engineering and cyber intelligence. As an expert in offensive technologies, Ruth founded Target Eye back in 2000 and lead the development of the first RAT for the use of governments. Ruth has been a part of the cyber community for the last 20 years. She is a visionary and with her creative mind has managed to invent some of the most exciting features in the Secured Globe technology. Apart from that, Ruth is a talented artist, illustrator and photographer. 

Leandro Cannizzaro
Senior Developer

Leandro joined Secured Globe back in 2008 when we have just started. He focuses in the server part infrastructure, security, network administration and architecture and several low level programming tasks. Leandro specilizes in Win32 API, C++ and in TCP/IP based protocols.

Ivan Voloshchuk.
MFC Specialist

Ivan (Vano, as he is called by his friends) is a c++ specialists with more than 10 years of experience. He worked on our unique GUI Framework, which is an alternative to frameworks such as Qt and MFC, written purely in Win32 API. Since then he helped us with various tasks starting with fetching data from icons, converting UX design into MFC forms and further tasks we can't reveal yet.\

Dafna Mardix
GUI and UX Expert

Dafna joined Secured Globe back in 2009 and since then has helped us develop and create a concept for various products. Dafna is an expert leading and managing the design for new or existing, complex software products. The work involves innovation thought of conceptual ideas and design rationale, all within a user-centered design process. Working closely with marketing dep., Product Management and R&D. ​

Bjarni S. Sigurðsson‎‏ 
Instrastructure specialist

Bjarni joined us on 2014 and developed a state of the art propriety transport protocol which we can trust to provide our required peer to peer encryption.

Frederic Borne
Software Lead Tester and IT Specialist
Tsuda Kageyu
Application and low level specialist

Frederic joined Secured Globe back in 2014 as an extremely qualified and experienced software tester, and in time became our Software Lead tester and analyst. His deep knowledge and background in IT allow us to release the full potential of our software.

Branding specialists

Tsuda joined Secured Globe back in 2014. He has created a specilized version of his MinHook library to serve our unique requirements, and performed the integration with our code base.


Back in 2009, after our first capital raising round, we wanted to create the best brand for our company and products. We looked for the no 1 advertising and branding firm in the world – Orglvy. One of their local branches in Israel, Fogel offered us to combine the services of a young and awesome branding and creative company, named Wicked Brand. They did a great job and are great people to work with.

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