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How to Stay Abreast Of the Cyber security Threats

In this virtual World, you need to be aware of potential risks to your cyber security, especially around this time when cyber criminals are lurking online with the intention of unethically hacking into a system to carry out criminal activities.

Using a Data Analytics software to check your texts and contents will assist you in identifying threats before they become a problem.

In as much as we have procedures to treat current security threats, we also need to be at alert for potential threats and we've listed below seven ways you can stay abreast and protect your information’s from getting into the wrong hands.

1 - Always Keep Learning

Cyber security's best practices is continuously evolving as new threats emerge and new methods are unraveled to keep your data safe. That said, it is crucial to be at alert to keep learning this new methods to assist you with implementing plans that can help your company protect its information.

2 - Expose Your Security Flaws

The best way to find out your security flaws and work on it, is to do a Penetration Test. Let an external company hack into your system and expose your system's flaws. This way you would know where to work on, and that raises the bar for your organization’s security.

3- Stop Data Loss

Do not trust anybody with the company's data. Users might steal data so it is important to control and monitor your clients as well as your employees to reduce data leakage.

In a recent survey, more than 1,500 security professionals found out that data exfiltration from an endpoint is the top security concern of 43% of them.

4 - Back Up Data

That may sound very easy but some people are very lackadaisical when it comes to this simple task and end up losing all their data to cyber criminals: It is of high-priority for companies to have a full working backup of all of data not only from a basic security hygiene prospective, but also to for future purposes then back up every day.

5 - Update Software and Systems

As cyber security experts are looking for best methods and practices to eliminate cyber threats, cyber criminals are also looking for ways to hack into the most difficult software.

That can be reduced if your software and hardware security is up-to-date with the latest protection from that software company. For example: run Windows update regularly.

6 - Sharing Threat Intelligence

No knowledge should be wasted. You have it - why don't you inform others by sharing the threat information you have?

Distribute these threat intelligence to your customers manually or even semi-automatically with scripting.

7 - Use RSS as Content Delivery Technology

How do you get your content? It is important you find a way to collect all the information you need manually by visiting news sites on a daily basis and checking for updates.

You can also use RSS to track published content. It has an accessible format you can use as the centralized method for collecting all the information’s you need from a news site.


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