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Integrating Wizdome in less than 5 minutes

This article will show you how to integrate Wizdome licensing in less than 5 minutes.

Step 1 - Link to the Wizdome static library

Find the path of the Wizdome lib.lib and link to it using the project's properties, Linker -> Input.

Step 2 - Add a reference to the Wizdome header file Wizdome_Lib.h

Add the #include statement referencing the Wizdome library header file.

Step 3 - Add your Publisher and Product keys

Each software vendor / publisher receives a unique string indicating the publisher's unique name (Publisher Key). Further, per each product you should receive a separate Product Key. You need to add both to the project.

For example:

#define MY_PUBLISHER L"New Software" #define MY_PRODUCT L"New Product"

Step 4 - Call Global.Init()

By calling Global.Init() you turn on the Wizdome licensing system and from that point it runs side by side with your application.


Now you are ready to start. You can read and create licenses, even though a default license will always be created the first time your software runs, even if the user isn't connected to the internet.

You can add and enforce restrictions as well, as described in other articles.

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