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Tailor made licensing

The are many Licensing and copy protection products in the market. Some of them are good and some are better. We at Secured Globe, Inc. do out best to make our propriety licensing system, Wizdome, the best in class. We keep enhancing it, testing it and adding more features.

However, in some cases, or for some customers, a tailor made licensing system is the best choice. Since 2008 we have been providing selected customers a tailor made licensing system designed and developed especially for their needs.

Unlike shelf licensing systems, which have a common ingredients such as a static library or a DLL and an API to follow in order to integrate with the above, a tailor made licensing system will be developed especially for a specific product or a line of products having the flexibility to custom make the licensing layer based on specific attributes and characteristics the product / line of products have.

Wizdome was designed to be as generic as possible making it easy to restrict various types of actions. However a tailor made licensing system will have even more space to customize it to the exact range of needs one specific product has.

Unlike a shelf licensing system which is implemented as one identical library used by many products, a tailor made licensing system can be implemented at the source code level and in some case, merge with the product to be protected's source code creating one whole.

To learn more about tailor made licensing please write to

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