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Our technology was developed for Law Enforcement and Intelligence agencies during the last 15 years. Are you a home / school / small business? Check A2Z Logger.


We now offer a Source Code License for a lighter version for corporations, which is used for various purposes such as:

  • Data Leak Prevention: Safeguard your organization's sensitive information by monitoring and preventing unauthorized data leaks in real-time.
  • In-House Monitoring: Maintain a watchful eye over internal activities, ensuring compliance, security, and optimal productivity.
  • Lawful Interception: Facilitate lawful interception for authorized investigations, helping ensure the highest standards of legality and ethics are upheld.

Our software is a simple yet robust monitoring system. It can run for months and years logging all your activity, and can be fully customized.

100% Stealth

Our software is entirely invisible. It can't be traced in the Process List, or via 3rd party tools such as Process Explorer.


Our invitible software runs whenever the PC is used even after reboots or after turning the PC off and on again.


The ability to intercept all kind of information from the monitored user, including stored passwords, browsing history (including browsing in "incognito mode"), activity and more.



The encryption key is generated on the fly and is never sent to the Internet or shown even to the user, which makes it next to impossible to break. Supporting files, such as screenshots are encrypted the same way using our own propriety encryption scheme, based on AES256.


100% in C++. Optimized for Visual Studio 2022 C++.



Lawful Interception technology

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