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  • Capture text in any language. You can later on view the captured text in the corrected language and key map used to type it.
  • Captures the software name and window title per each text typed.
  • Combines our unique "Hot Words" support, which will alert you whenever a certain key phrase is typed
  • Completely removable using a selected key phrase
  • Captures any data copied to the clipboard, including text, rich text (RTF), HTML, graphics and selected files
  • Allows only you to read the encrypted data, as each user has a unique randomly generated encryption key


About A2Z Logger

A2Z Logger is a simple yet robust key logger. It can runs for months and years logging all your activity and it can be fully customized.


100% Stealth

A2Z Logger is entirely invisible. It can't be traced in the Process List, or via 3rd party tools such as Process Explorer.



A2Z Logger runs whenever the PC is used even after reboots or after turning the PC off and on again.



The encryption key is generated on-the-fly and is never sent to the Internet or shown even to the user, which makes it next to impossible to break. Supporting files, such as screenshots are encrypted the same way using our own propriety encryption scheme, based on AES256

Source Code License

We offer the option of source code license. Our source code is 100% Win32 API based, C++, IDE - Visual Studio 2022 Ultimate.


We also offer additional features and customization according to your needs.


Law Enforcement Agencies - look here.

A2Z Logger

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