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Make sure all your videos are safe and sound

If you deal with thousands of video files coming from various sources, such as cameras, drones, dashcams, etc., you realize (sometime too late), that some of the video files are corrupted or have no sound. For example, For example, dashcams are easily muted by mistake, while drones tend to corrupt the most recent video file once the SD card is pulled from it.

With Video Savvy you know exactly what is wrong, or what might have gone wrong with your video files.  Video Savvy is a small tool that works whenever you insert a media card to your computer, or connect a hard drive. Once inserted, Video Savvy scans all video files, and reports back of any corrupted video files, or video files with no audio. Another important feature is the ability to recognize file names which might be missing from a sequence of name, so you can be sure no file is missing while you copy or backup your video files.

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