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The Vault

Revolutionizing Data Security with Sector-Level Protection


Introducing The Vault, a cutting-edge product that is set to redefine data security.


With the advanced Vault SDK, your data will be shielded at the sector level, ensuring its survival even after a full format, and offering unparalleled protection against data loss.


Sector-Level Protection

At the heart of The Vault is its unique ability to protect your data at the sector level. Unlike traditional data security solutions that rely on file or disk-level protection, The Vault goes a step further by safeguarding your data at the lowest level of storage, the sector. This means that even after a full format or other data loss events, your critical information remains intact, making data recovery a breeze.


Unmatched Resilience

Imagine a scenario where your hard drive is wiped clean due to an unexpected system failure, or you mistakenly format your storage device. With The Vault, your data remains resilient. Whether it's personal files, sensitive corporate information, or mission-critical data, you can trust that it will remain safe and accessible when you need it the most.


Vault SDK for Seamless Integration

To harness the power of The Vault, we offer the Vault SDK (Software Development Kit). It's designed for easy integration into your existing software or systems. This means you can effortlessly incorporate sector-level data protection into your applications, ensuring that your users enjoy the benefits of The Vault without any hassle.


Read and Write with Confidence

The Vault doesn't just protect your data; it also empowers you to read and write data with utmost confidence. Its seamless integration ensures that your applications can access the secured data without any extra complexity. Whether you're creating a new project or upgrading your existing systems, The Vault simplifies data handling for you.


In conclusion, The Vault is a game-changer in the world of data security. Its sector-level protection and resilience in the face of data loss events set it apart from traditional solutions. With the Vault SDK, you can effortlessly integrate this groundbreaking technology into your applications and provide your users with the highest level of data protection available.


Don't leave your data's security to chance. Choose The Vault and ensure that your information remains safe, accessible, and immune to data loss events. Protect your data like never before with The Vault and its sector-level security.



  • Ultra-fast
  • Works at the lowest level
  • Fully obfuscated
  • Strong encryption
  • Automatic multiple backups
  • Thread safe


Programming language and compatibility

  • 100% Developed in C
  • Fully commented source code
  • Supports Windows 8.1, 10 and 11
  • Source Code License option


About the SDK

You will be given access to a detailed Reference Manual. You can read about it here.

The Vault

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