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About GoGrab

GoGrab is a client-server technology we developed back in 2020 for the purpose of actively and dynamically monitoring a list of web sites, in conjunction with a pre-defined set of queries and keywords, in order to send and display alerts whenever there are new listings added to these URLs.

The Client App
The Client app is used to add, edit, and delete queries and keywords, manage batches and view and process the results.

The GoGrab Server - Run always, 24/7

GoGrab is based on a Windows Service installed and running 24/7 on a Windows Server. Being a persistant Windows Service, GoGrab runs always and constantly process the work assigned to it by one or more clients. The GoGrab Server then sends the results back to the clients and also sends notification email to a list of users.


License for the GoGrab Server

The GoGrab server is based on our flagship product, Power Vest. We sell source code license or full ownership of the customized source code.


ChatGPT Integration

While using ChatGPT through a web interface is one thing, creating your own autonomous AI tool that interfaces with ChatGPT via its API, is a different story altogether - especially when you aim to maintain complete control over the interaction with the user. We use our own API key, being official Chat GPT developers. At the same time, as strong proponents of C++, we believe that a GPT tool in C++ will ease the pain of dealing with the daunting task of scrapping, finding, and processing the unique type of data and information you are interested in collecting.



The software will provide the following performance attributes:

  • Accuracy – any new news item will be captured and reported.
  • Real Time – any new news item will be reported near to real time from the moment it was added.


The Server Application

The Server Application is based on PowerVest, which is a secure Persistant Windows Service we developed. As such, it runs from the moment the server is turned on and continues to run 24/7. Windows Services are designed to run constantly and never stop. They use their own session which does not affect or is not affected by any logged in user.


The Database

The GoGrab system uses 2 databases:

  • Server database
  • Client database


The databases allow the system to maintain the data it collects and to sync it between the server and the clients via a unique proprietary communication protocol. Our communication protocol provides end to end encryption which can be adjusted to your needs.



  • IDE - We will develop the software using Visual Studio Enterprise 2022 C++.
  • Database – we will use sqlite3 for storing the settings, queries, and updates.
  • Chat GPT - We will work with ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 API.


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