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Our Mission

We aspire to create the best-in-class backend server where desktop clients and web apps can be served in the most secure way. Data protection is our top mission, and we believe product creators should focus on their products and not worry about the backend. By providing a new means of interfacing with our rock-solid backend, Power Vest strives to empower the developer’s community with hassle free app development, without a need to get involved in any “behind-the-scenes” aspects.


About Power Vest

Built with data protection in mind, Power Vest is a robust backend with a multiple-layer end-to-end encrypted server communication designed for multiple clients, along with a proprietary Client - Server communication protocol.


Power Vest provides clients with security, performance, and reliability of all external-facing resources, such as websites, APIs, or any other application. Power Vest is powerful, and protects and secures all your internal resources, using unique and cutting-edge methodologies.


Power Vest allows developers to focus on the frontend of their applications, with zero code exchange, or without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.



  • Data protection - Sensitive data, such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc. is never stored but instead is hashed in a unique secure way we developed.


  • Robust Server based on a Windows Service, running 24/7 and auto-starts after reboot. Power Vest Supports multiple clients and multiple requests and thread per each client simultaneously.


  • Multiple AES256 based layered encryption with 2 private keys (Master Key and Client Key) combined with an ad-hoc OTP (One Time Password) per each communication.


  • Unique TCP/IP based Communication Protocol used for:


      a. Register and log in users without storing any password or sending it to the server.


      b. Messaging: Sends predefined types of messages.


      c. Cloud Storage and File Server: Sends, receives and syncs files.


      d. Database sync: Sends, receives and syncs database records and tables.



  • Wizdome Copy Protection - Lock a software to authorized PCs, restrict usage of software to license terms, such as number of minutes / hours to run.


  • Encrypted Database - Ultra-fast database component based on sqlite3 and SEE encryption extension, with the ability to handle unlimited amounts of data.


  • SGClient part with Transport and Decryption abilities.


  • Silent Auto Update - When needed, no need to re-install new versions or restart any program.


  • Database Syncing – allows syncing tables from a server database to a local client database, making sure only changed records are synced. Server – Clients ratio is 1 : n.


  • File Server and File Manager – all files created, deleted, renamed, moved, transferred or received are stored in a special table in the database where all the details are maintained.


  • Quota Mechanism allows controlling how much disk space is used.


  • DB Queue - Balancing the number of transactions per minute / second processed by the Database, for preventing overloading.


  • Upload/Download - Encrypted files Upload / Download while allowing to provide URLs for downloading files or uploading files, maintaining end to end encryption, or storing all files on server encrypted.


  • Self-installation – A unique method allows the server to contain a single executable file and when run for the first time, all components, such as Database, are installed and configured based on default values, which can be changed later, with no need of any installation.


  • Push Notifications - alerts can be defined and sent via WhatsApp or Text to the server admin.


  • Simplicity - Developers can outsource all the behind-the-scenes aspects of a web or mobile application so that they only have to write and maintain the frontend. Integrate all the backend functionality needed with an API, without building the backend, or the need to manage servers, virtual machines, or containers to keep the application running.


  • A great solution across multiple platforms - Power Vest can be a great solution for the public sector, healthcare, financial services, gaming, e-commerce, and more.


  • Full Control – Since you get the full source code, you can set up the server software on your own machine, at your own premises, make changes, adjust and customize it to your needs and have full control over it.



  • $420K On time fee
  • $120K Monthly


What you get

We sell our software under s source code license.

Software is 100% developed in C++ (Visual Studio) and does not require any DLLs or additional libraries.





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