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File and Folder Hiding Driver

With our Files and Folders Hiding Driver, you can take data security to the next level in your software projects.  


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Our robust kernel minifilter driver technology seamlessly integrates into your software, allowing you to hide files and folders effortlessly. No more worries about data security – it's all under your control.


Our kernel minifilter driver-based solution is specifically designed to conceal files and folders within the file system. 


  • The hidden files and folders won't be seen even if you check the "Show Hidden Items" checkbox.  



  • Additionally, the driver incorporates a silent installer (x86), enabling seamless installation and uninstallation without requiring any user interaction.
  • No need to reboot - the Driver Service starts right away


  • For further convenience, a small demo program is included, serving as a foundation for more extensive projects.
  • Optimized for Visual Studio 2022 C++.


File and Folder Hiding Driver

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