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Windows Credentials Viewer, powered by Secured Globe Inc. is a lightweight straightforward utility designed to help you retrieve the credentials you stored over time in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Using Windows Credential Viewer allows you to produce usable information for forensics research, but also gives you the means to copy passwords with one simple click, and this way, they can be stored in an external text editor and saved to file for safekeeping. In case you are looking for a specific password and remember the browser you logged on last, then you can make your query even faster by checking only the tool you used last time to log into the service.


And here is the best part: Windows Credential Viewer does not require installation or configuration, but rather you can run it as soon as you download it to your computer.  As simple as that!


You will be getting the full source code, in Visual Studio 2022 C++, including the engine and the user interface.

Windows Credentials Viewer

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