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LogonVest introduces an additional layer of security that acts as a protective barrier between the early stages of the boot process and the Windows login.


Without successfully navigating through this layer, you will not reach the Windows login screen. To gain access beyond this layer, you must input a confidential password.


This password is not only confidential in the sense that it is kept secret, but the mere existence of this password itself is kept secret.


There is no explicit password prompt; instead, a customizable text message appears on the screen. Some users utilize LogonVest for the purpose of maintaining plausible deniability.


The custom message typically suggests that the hard drive is corrupted and cannot proceed, making it appear impossible to log in if the PC is stolen or if someone attempts to force the user to log into Windows. Once the user is in a safe environment, they can enter the password and proceed to the normal Windows logon screen.


Further information

Logon Vest

  • You can purchase the software for $1,500 or a Source Code License for $7,500.

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