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Datattoo is a program which acts like a time machine, enabling reverting the PC to any point of time in the past. This means you can retrieve past versions of a file, ameliorating such conditions as a deletion of the file, or using a file from the past that is in some way superior or more suitable to the file currently on your disk. The process is very simple from the user’s point of view: A virtual drive (a drive created by software, which appears like a usual storage device, e.g. F:), shows the complete set of files at the selected time point, and lets you perform any operation you can do with a regular drive. Please read on about how Datattoo facilitates locating the specific file(s) you seek.

Here's what datattoo can do for you:

Recover and rescue formatted or damaged hard drives​

Datattoo Recovery can scan partitions and drives even if they were formatted or damaged (excluding physical damage, which requires taking the drive to a lab). We can’t guarantee all files (or any of the files) will be restored but in many cases, some of the files can be fully restored and if that’s possible, Datattoo can do it.

Saves any file format

Datattoo Recovery scans delete files of any type or format. There is no need to indicate if the lost files are photos, videos or documents. Datattoo Recovery recovers all types of files allowing you, the user, to decide which files are important for you.

Affordable Prices

Datattoo Recovery has a unique pricing model in which you only pay for files you actually need and can be restored. If a file can’t be restored you won’t pay for it. The price is calculated based on MB of the restorable files.

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