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We offer a versatile, high-performance video / audio capturing library for your software projects?

SGDVR is a video-capturing static library that comes with full Source Code under our Source Code License Agreement.

  • Capture desktop video.
  • Capture still images.
  • Capture audio.
  • Capture video and images from any connected webcam.
  • Pause/Resume.
  • Quota management.
  • Automatic file splitting and naming.
  • Capture video source, video only, and sound only.
  • Motion detection-based capturing.
  • Voice activation.
  • Overlay images and text (you can customize it to stamp your business name and logo to each video).
  • Generate .mp4 / .mp3 files.
  • Optional Windows Service for auto start and 24/7 operation (included in the price).
  • No need to reboot - the Service starts right away
  • Invisible mode.


What makes it special

  • 100% in C++. Optimized for Visual Studio 2022 C++.
  • No external DLLs are needed.
  • Can capture from several sources simultaneously.
  • Auto Pilot mode.

Video / Audio Capturing library

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